Getting My Priorities Straight

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When I was only 7, I chose to make that walk down the church aisle during the invitation and asked Jesus to come live in my heart. Shortly after, I was also baptized. Later in life, I would begin going to youth group during middle school and high school. A few times, I re-dedicated my life to Christ, generally during camps and bigger events.

But when the rubber met the road, I truly had no commitment to my relationship with Christ. For a very large part of my life, I was a MESS! Like train wreck mess. He has always been 100% committed to me. He has never left me. He will never give up on me. He will never love me any less. But in return, I have treated him like some super famous relative. (Stick with me.) I’m not one of “those” people who only goes to Him when I need something. No! I love to brag on Him! I love to say how amazing He is. I love the idea of being connected to Him. But how often am I picking up the phone to talk to him and get to know Him?

(And that “famous” analogy is pretty dumb since it pales in comparison but my brain tends to default to analogies.)

So back to my point.

The God of the entire unending universe, who SPOKE it into existence, wants to have a relationship with *me*.  So much so that He sent His son to this earth to die on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice so that I can be in communion with Him now and for eternity. His blessings on my life are mind blowing.

….and yet. I have not been making Him, my Creator, the number one priority of my life. Honestly, it’s not even that I haven’t been making Him the number one priority, I’m not even sure I can remember a time when He made the priority list for a notable consecutive number of days.

And this blows my mind. Baffles me. There is absolutely nothing of this world that is more fulfilling, more amazing, more loving….more anything….than Him.

Perhaps the reason my soul has been so exhausted and without strength is that I haven’t been turning to the only One who can satisfy.

Thankfully, He hasn’t given up on me! And I’ve been getting that in check!

And, He hasn’t given up on being in a personal relationship with you either.

If you have been distant from Him or have never really understood the whole Salvation or God thing, I’d love to tell you about Him.

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