My Crazy Family Tree

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I come from an incredibly blended family. So complex and confusing, I wouldn’t even know where to start explaining it. This usually does the trick though… I have 6 sisters & 1 brother. None of which have the same combination of biological mom and biological dad that I do. Adding confusion to the mix is that everyone gets along and any number of combinations of people will attend various holidays. Who is related to who and how, is near impossible to explain to outsiders and even us insiders get confused!

The Husband is also part of a blended family. A bit more straightforward, but also without the drama of stereotypical animosity Hollywood can cast on divorce.

I’ve always thought this was a blessing.

And it SO is. I love my family. I may be a bit biased, but I feel like our families mastered how to raise kids as one family, in loving homes, separately. And again, to be totally honest, I know I have boasted and been so proud of that. It’s no small feat.

It wasn’t until recently that I saw a totally different and sad reality.

You see, we are a happily blended, co-parenting family ourselves now. Our oldest is my “bonus kid.” His mama actually threw my bridal shower when I got married to my husband (her ex!). Crazy, right?!

She also grew up in a well-adjusted blended family. Us getting along, wasn’t much of a stretch. That was our normal.

But our middle son has recently started inquiring when the husband and I are going to live in different homes. When is he going to live with one of us and visit the other on the weekends.

His normal, is blended families. He doesn’t see it as a sad thing. He sees it as something that just happens.

And that kind of shook me up a little bit.

The husband and I are changing our family’s course. I pray we can be an example that marriage can be forever.

Whether your family is blended or still married, joyfully raising a family together takes some serious cooperation, compromise, and prayer.

I wish you and your families so much love and happiness.

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