Spiritual Junkfood 

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Dream Big.
Don’t Settle.
Work Hard.
You Deserve To Live The Best Life.
You Are Worth It.
God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle.

…and about a million other popular motivational catchphrases are EVERYWHERE!

You see them on your social media newsfeed, on canvas art at Target, painted on faux wood pallets at Hobby Lobby, on Bibles. Like for real. Everywhere.

And I get it. Really, I do. Check my FB newsfeed. I have posted at least 1,000 positive and motivational quote images over the years. With so much negative in the world today, constantly tearing us down, depleting our confidence, minimizing our worth, a motivational and positive message really can make a huge difference to get out there and conquer our day.

But what in the world does it all really mean?

It wasn’t until the last couple months that I started to ask myself that question, and it got me to thinking….

What if my purpose on this Earth, the path God has laid out for my life, doesn’t fit the mold of worldly success? What if my current dreams and desires have been heavily influenced by what *I think* we are supposed to chase after and not actually the true desires of my heart? What if I have been working really, really hard…but it’s all in futility because God is trying to direct me somewhere else?

And I realized that none of those cliches meant what I had thought they meant. They are a tiny excerpt of the truth.

Work hard…using the talents and gifts that were uniquely assigned and given to you to fulfill your purpose on this earth.

Don’t settle…never settle. Only accepting God’s best will fulfill you. He created you after all. He knows what will give you true peace, joy, and fulfillment.

You deserve the best life… this one, I have to be straight up, is a bit misleading. This is what we call entitlement. You want the best, you better follow The Best.

You are worth it. And you are so worth it.

God won’t give you more than you can handle. That is a lie. God gives us infinitely more than we can handle everyday. However, He also has given us Himself. We don’t take a breath or have a single thought without Him. Lean on Him.

And lastly, Dream Big. Chase things that set your soul on fire. Set out to do big things. Big, impossible things. So unfeasible that when it comes to fruition, the only explanation is that God had His hand in it.

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