Who Am I to Make A Difference? 

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As I wrestled with the idea of being a blogger, I questioned if my intentions were pure. I had feelings of “Is it incredibly self-centered to believe people actually care what I think? I’m not an expert. Is it selfish to think people want to hear about what I have been through and to write about my life?”

But then I thought about all the blogs written by other “non-experts” which have inspired me. The ones which made me feel like I wasn’t totally alone in feeling the way I felt. What if they hadn’t shared their heart, their daily life, and their experiences?

It was in that moment I realized I have to share. God has brought me through so many different stages, obstacles, extreme lows, and unbelievable highs in my life. I have experienced so much joy and so much pain.

I also realized I am an expert. As human beings, we are all experts in our own way. We are alive and breathing. We have made it through our worst days. We have pushed through and kept going when it all seemed impossible.

A few weeks ago we had a visiting pastor at our church who said something along the lines of talking to each other, sharing our stories is key. Its crucial in such a time as this, when social media and photoshop are all about making life look picture perfect.

I will strive to be real and honest. The nitty gritty of being a believer, wife, and mother, so that when I share the joy and triumph, it is a real, honest picture. The struggles of real life money, career, friendships, and also the rewards! My goal with this blog, my goal in life is to be an encourager, and I truly hope that is what can be taken away from my posts. That and maybe some laughs with me…and at me. Laughing is always encouraged.

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