Going Keto Made Me Burn My Dinner …and Nine Other Reasons I Love Keto

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Ok. So. I burnt my dinner tonight, but when I pulled it out of the oven the coolest feeling swept over me. The burnt chicken shriveled up on the blackened parchment paper felt like a huge accomplishment! I know that seems ridiculous and silly whichever way you look at it, but hear me out.

As someone who has spent my entire life (like starting as an infant when my grandmother suggested my mom put Karo syrup in my formula and cereal which resulted in me having more rolls than the Michelin Man haha) as an overeater, food, nutrition, diet, and my weight have caused me to feel anything but good. I could list out all the negative feelings I associate with it, but I refuse to speak those words over myself anymore.

I have standard nutrition down. I know all about lean meats, nutrient dense foods, good carbs/bad carbs. I know the formula of when to eat, how much water to drink. I mastered it. Lost 90 pounds over the course of a year with proper nutrition and using AdvoCare products. Then, last summer, a big freight train of emotion knocked me off “the wagon” again and wouldn’t you know it, I gained back 40 pounds.

It feels like I hit the reset button every Monday, but by Monday night I was having a drink with chips & salsa, Tuesday I would hit up the drive-thru, and Wednesday was an ice cream binge…. it just went on…. all week. Monday, I would wake up determined, only to fall off again. I couldn’t stop myself from eating from my kids’ plates. I couldn’t pass their snacks and treats. If it was in the house, it was going in my mouth.

What in the world was going on???

Fast forward to about a month and half ago.

Enter the Ketogenic way of eating and the most amazing, supportive group of Champions I consider family.

I’ve been doing this for about a month now and the results are unlike I have ever experienced in all my years of attempting to get healthy.

So without further ado:

The Top Ten List of Relatable Reasons I Love Keto

1. I Burnt Dinner and Felt Good About It

I made hot wings tonight and burnt them to a crisp. It was so amazing because I forgot about my food. I wasn’t opening the oven every two seconds. I wasn’t hangrily awaiting them to be done. I didn’t have food on my brain all 25 minutes of the cook time.

2. Mexican Food Restaurants

This might not mean much to other people but I live in Houston, Texas. We have the most amazing TexMex restaurants. They are pretty much strictly off limits anytime I have ever been on any traditional healthy way eating. Not so with Keto. Last week, I went on a lunch date with my kid, was free to eat something delicious and made the menu work for me. Fajita beef, avocado, queso. Zero guilt.

3. Zero Temptation

After about 2 weeks into the Ketogenic way of eating, I felt like a super human! Y’all! I bought my kids those super soft, fresh baked cookies from Costco. You know, the clear plastic box that holds like 36 amazing chocolate chip cookies? They sat in my house for a week. I didn’t eat a bite and I wasn’t even sad about it. Previously, I don’t care what kind of diet or cleanse I was on, if those things were staring at me, I was going to eat at least 5 before they were gone. The feeling of being powerless to the temptation is gone and that is pretty freakin’ fantastic!

4. The Food Tastes Good!

Y’all. So. Good. Sure, its fun to talk about Fat Bombs and Bacon, but lemme tell you about the magic that is Salmon with Truffle Butter! Broccoli cooked in KerryGold butter…actually any of your veggies cooked with butter. Avocados upon Avocados. Juicy protein. Veggies that don’t taste like cardboard. Pizza with chicken crust. Every meal is divine, satisfying, and completely guiltless.

5. Food Freedom

I eat what I want, when my body is hungry. I don’t count anything except my carbs. I feel more in tune with my body than ever. There are days I eat once, other days where I am more hungry. I don’t stress about food. I don’t meal plan. I am not watching the clock anxiously awaiting my next meal. My life and feelings aren’t revolving around food. I don’t feel controlled by cravings and having to constantly fight my body. After thirty-something years of struggling with food and my body, this is the most amazing feeling.

6. Energy Through The Roof

If someone told me a couple months ago I would go an entire day without ever getting hungry and instead spend the day moving furniture around to vacuum behind it, I’d think they were so full of it! I’ve had to take Adderall in the past for ADHD. I could drink 3 Sparks in day and still have to make a decent effort to get my butt in gear. This ketone energy is NUTS! Since I have been storing up fat from winter like a bear or something, my body is now making use of all the natural fuel I have so graciously provided from ice cream binges, and it is paying me back in spades!

7. Money Savings

By eliminating processed foods, snacking throughout the day, and eating 6 times a day, the amount of money spent on feeding me has gone down exponentially. We are saving roughly $100 a week right now. Goodness. I must’ve been eating a lot. Duh! (Individual results may obviously vary haha)

8. Emotional Improvment

Since I’ve removed the HANGRY MAMA from the house, I am much more pleasant. If you can keep your composure when you are hungry or dieting in a way where you are constantly fighting cravings, more power to you. I cannot. So removing the whole always hungry and always wanting what I can’t have aspect of life has made me overall much happier!

9. Learning How The Body Works

I was super skeptical when I started Keto. It went against everything I have ever learned about nutrition. High fat diet. How can that possibly be ok??? So I researched. Personally, I love learning how the body works and how it was intended to work. It shows just how incredible God is and what a masterpiece He created in us all. I’ll save the book learning for another post, but for me, the research and putting the puzzle of myself together has been so much fun!

10. Getting Smaller

The reason a vast majority of women start a new health journey, way of eating, or diet is to lose inches, lose weight, get smaller….and believe it or not….eating fat, lots of fat is doing that for me. In the last month I have lost about 8lbs. I have gone down a size in my pants. My shirts are much looser. My stomach much flatter, less bloated. Its the craziest thing. I never would have believed it had it not happened for me.


If you are currently doing Keto WOE, I’d love to hear your favorite things about Keto. If you are interested in learning more, please shoot me a message or leave a comment.







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