Present over Pinterest 

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I love Pinterest.

I default to Pinterest over Google for recipes, natural remedies for simple ailments, ideas for how to reuse commonly recycled objects, pointers for teaching my kids to read, how to stretch our family’s dollars, and all that good stuff.

The problem for me happens when I follow the rabbit hole, and you other Pinterest people know what I’m talking about. You go on there looking for a way to repurpose your spaghetti jar into a hand soap dispenser, and suddenly you feel like your whole bathroom needs a redo. Or you go on there looking for a fun game to help your kiddo master a new skill, when all of the sudden according to some nice official looking chart a non-expert put together, you come to the conclusion you have ruined him because he doesn’t meet any of the milestones for children of his age that are destined to become the next great genius of their time. And I mean, why even bother budgeting if you don’t have all the cute coordinated and patterned office folders and stationary??

Then the block goes up. I give up before I ever get started. I think I expect life to look like it was delivered with a big bow sometimes. I put things off until I can do them just the way I imagine them, instead of embracing the now.

A lightbulb went off this morning, bringing that behavior to light in a new way.

My toddler came downstairs, with sleepy eyes and in his cute scratchy morning voice barely whispered out “mornin’ mama. i love you.” Then he proceeded to wrap himself up in my arms and snuggle himself up into a ball, with his face next to mine.

I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet. I hadn’t yet taken my morning shower. The TV was off. There were no toys. Just my stinky self. That’s all he wanted.

And it clicked.

My kids don’t need me to find fun new Pinterest crafts and adventures and activities and my idea of picture perfect memories. They need me. In the present. Not Pinterest Perfect. img_5280

And you know, this applies to everything.

Life and moments are fleeting.

We should not and cannot wait for things to be just so to enjoy them.

Our homes. Don’t wait until they look like they came from the latest HGTV magazine to invite over friends and family. Create memories now.

We can’t wait until we’ve read every Dave Ramsey book and purchased coordinated stationary to begin budgeting.

Don’t wait to share your faith until you have memorized the Bible cover to cover.

Body image. This is a HARD one for me. We should not let the idea that “only when I have the perfect body” or “if I could lose just 10 more pounds” interfere with intimate time with the spouse. Yup. I went there.

Let’s instead focus on doing what we can, with what we have right now. Make the most of today. Be present, even if it’s not Pinterest Perfect.

We can’t ALL be Joanna Gaines.

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