Salt of the Earth…Not Salty

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I am feeling SALTY y’all! 

When you and/or people you love have been wronged, it’s easy to wish the same for the wrongdoer. 

When someone is spreading negativity and straight up lies about you, people you love, and/or your business, it’s so easy to feel the overwhelming need to retaliate with truth. It’s so hard to suppress the need to win! The need to tell the actual truth and make them look foolish. 

When someone is exhibiting textbook narcissistic behavior, to you or people you love, it’s so hard not keep your hands down and not point fingers. 

But my goodness. Jesus gave me an overwhelming conviction after I engaged in one too many memes poking fun at the offender. 

We must pray God gives us the correct posture in these situations. And we should pray for those who have done you wrong. Humble ourselves. We don’t need to be vinditive. We must pray for our enemies. And it isn’t always easy. 

In Matthew 5:13, God calles is to be Salt of the Earth. Not be be salty. 

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