Confessions of Lazy Mom


When I drag my tired body to bed at midnight or later, exhausted from a full day of busy, the last thing on my mind is how lazy I am. In fact, if anyone dared call me lazy, they’d likely be the recipient of a quick punch to their big toe.

My days are nothing out of the ordinary. I take care of three boys, a lot of the cleaning and business related to running a household, my AdvoCare business, and developing a blog. However, I would say about 90% of my day is dedicated to doing that which I have brought upon myself by being a lazy mom.

I don’t know when it became funny to play the martyr. “Oh, my kids and husband would be lost without me. I do everything around here. They can’t find their underwear without me.” Stuff like that. I believe it probably came from sitcoms which paint moms as exhausted from taking care of dimwit husbands and “hilarious” disrespectful children. While that’s good for playing the laugh track on a nighttime sitcom, it has given us this false idea of normal.


My kids are completely dependent on me for most things because I’ve allowed it. Its easier to make all their food for every meal, than to sit down and teach them about knife safety, oven safety, and how to properly clean up jelly they spill all over the counter without leaving a sticky residue. I’ve allowed my children to bypass learning chores because its easier to do it myself, than to go behind them and clean the bigger mess they made in the learning process. It is easier to fold their clothes for them than to take 5 minutes per garment to teach them to do it themselves.

Lazy parenting is exhausting for me and an absolute disservice to them. I am not doing anyone any favors by being some exhausted, overworked, martyr mom.

My children are amazing and so super smart and they actually do enjoy doing nice things for me. I know they have servant hearts and would probably enjoy helping out around the house.

This will be a process. This will be a real test in patience.

I also know it will be incredibly rewarding for the whole family!

Please help! I would love to hear how you stick to chore lists and helping your kids master basic house helping skills!


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