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I am so easily overwhelmed.

My thoughts run through my mind constantly throughout the day.

Several times a day I write paragraphs in my head. Ideas. Life lessons. Marriage advice. Open ended questions about the balancing act of motherhood. The importance of self care and self growth.

But the words never go further than my head.

I start to write and it’s like my fingers suffer some from a sort of tongue tied lock down.

My anxiety kicks in. The overwhelming feeling that I’m going to be judged, disliked, or God-forbid, offend someone. My brain screams at me that I’m no expert. My life is far from perfect or figured out. I fail DAILY. The only thing consistent in my life is the fact that I’m inconsistent.

So tell me why then do I have this burning desire so deep in my soul that I can’t shut it up??

I turn 32 this weekend. Those 32 years on this earth have given me wisdom beyond my years. The life I have lived has been on purpose. God has given me life experiences and a testimony and a real world education that is valuable. It is worth something. What I have to offer is valuable.

I may not have something for everyone. But what I bring may be the exact something for someONE.

And for that ONE, I will stop being so scared.

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